Next Meeting (12 December 2013 at 19:30) and introducing the new forum

The next NSFS meeting will be held on Thursday December 12th, 2013 at the Shearwater Aviation Museum, and it should be a pretty interesting night.

This meeting will be a lesson in take-off, approach, and landing taken from the official Transport Canada Flight Training Manual.  We will look at how it’s done in the real world, and practice in the simulator.  We plan to have 3-4 simulators setup for training, but if your rig is portable, please feel free to bring it.

The lesson will use the Cessna 172, and you can get a copy of the Pilot’s Operating Handbook here (you will need it):

Please be there for 7:30 sharp so we can get right into the lesson and have lots of time for practice.

In other news, FSNS now has it’s own forum for discussing sims, sharing info, collaborating on projects, and just keeping in touch.  You can find it here:

Come sign-up and join us!

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