Next FSNS meeting on Thursday night, Oct 2, 2014

Hi folks,

This is just a reminder that our Flight Sim NS (FSNS) meetings are resuming, now that summer is over. Our next meeting is this week, on Thursday night, 7:30-9:30 PM, at the Shearwater Aviation Museum, at CFB Shearwater.

We’ll have some new things to talk about and possibly some new faces to meet. Matt has a new flight controller, that he’d like to show and tell, if he’s able to attend (and if it’s back in time from repair). Allan will give an overview of what we covered last spring, and there is a bit of new news on FSX and a possible new release. Also, we will pick which Thursday night of the month that we will hold our meetings on. (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Thursday night of the month?)

If you’re so inclined, please feel free to bring your sim laptop.

Welcome back everyone. Hope to see you all on this Thursday night!


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4 Responses to Next FSNS meeting on Thursday night, Oct 2, 2014

  1. Jim Blackwood says:

    Attended my first meeting and enjoyed myself very much and learned a great deal. I will be back the 1st Wednesday of next month.
    Jim Blackwood
    Churchville, Nova Scotia

    • flightsimns says:

      Glad to have met you, Jim, and to hear that you enjoyed our meeting. I look forward to seeing you next month.

  2. John Taylor says:

    Glad to hear that meetings are resuming. Same here in New Brunswick now that cooler weather is in our future. Clear Skies and Safe landings. John Taylor YSJ Hangar

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