FSNS Meeting this Wednesday night, Feb 4, 7:30 PM – slaving autopilot to GPS Navigation + more

Happy mid-winter, Sim Pilots!

We have our monthly FSNS meeting this Wednesday night, Feb 4, 2015, 7:30-9:30 PM, at the Shearwater Aviation Museum (side entrance).

IF THERE IS EVER A NEED TO CANCEL FOR WEATHER, I’ll send a NOTAM email out by 3:45 PM. Feel free to call me at 902.476.9102, to confirm, anytime.

For February, we’ll be finishing up with the VOR radio navigation, from the last two months, with Allan showing us how to slave the autopilot to GPS. Jim P will be showing us what to do when requested by ATC to abort your approach and to go around again. We’ll discuss an idea for obtaining airport charts when you need them, plus more. In other news, we’ve been given permission to use a particular laptop for our meetings, so Jim P will be installing FSX on it, early this week. Since we’ll now have a laptop regularly available for our meetings, I’ll bring in my yoke, rudder pedals, throttle quadrant and trim wheel for the meetings.

I’ve made some changes to our FSNS Forums to introduce more topics. 😀

See you all there!

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