October 2016 Meeting

The October meeting

We had a pretty good turn-out for a last minute meeting, with 4 members and a visitor from Flight Sim New Brunswick, Rolf Spangenberg, as well as some good discussion and even a little stunt flying.


We had a discussion at the beginning of the meeting about possible topics for upcoming meetings.  There were a lot of good ideas:


  • Hardware trends
  • Building terrain
  • Demo of the 737
  • What’s up in the flight sim industry
  • Navigation (radio, GPS, dead reckoning)
  • Using virtual machines to run old games


We also had a discussion about possible public outreach events.  Rolf gave us a run-down on some of the things that FSNB does, and it was very interesting to hear.  They do events both as information sessions to boost interest in the hobby, and also things that are more like public service, like taking flight simulation rigs into hospitals and special care centres.


From what Rolf was telling us about FSNB, they are much larger and better organised, with “hanger” groups in several locations around the province, which sound a lot like our group.  They hold province-wide meetings on Teamspeak regularly.


On the flying side Marius brought in his rig and we tried some stunt flying.  Not aerobatics, but stunts, in particular flying under a couple of bridges up by the Tatamagouche airport.  It was a lot of fun, and most of us got under at least one of the bridges without peeling off the wings


Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on November 2nd from 7:30PM to 9:30PM.  The topics for the meeting will be sent around presently.  I hope to see everyone out next month!




Flight Sim New Brunswick

FSNB has invited us to their next event which includes a tour of Moncton Centre.  If you’re interested in attending, the contact information is in the message below!


A message from Rolf (FSNB) – posted on the Facebook site (https://www.facebook.com/flightsimnovascotia)



Thank you for allowing me to attend your meeting last Wednesday.

I mentioned that we were planning an Expo as well as possibly a tour of NAV Canada’s facilities as well. here are the details.

“Can you please notify our members and future members of our intent to put on an exposition at the Moncton Flying College. I spoke with the President of MFC and he is very interested as well. He also looks forward to showing of their Simulators. The have a few new ones and we are talking million Dollar sims. Perhaps we can try them.

At the same time I have asked Ray White, Chief Pilot of CYQM to see if he can arrange a visit and tour of NAV Canada’s facilities in Riverview.

This is what I am looking at;

Date – Saturday November 5th. 2016

Time – MFC Exhibition to MFC Students of our simulators in action

Need – a number of exhibitors with different sim platforms.

Need 2 – ATC support –

MFC – set up 9:30 – Tear down 1:pm.

I propose that we stay at the MFC from 10:am to 1: pm. dismantle equipment and go for the tour at Nav Canada around 2:30 pm. It would be nice if Dan Arsenault and or Rick Couch and possibly Tim Murphy from Halifax to run the ATC segment.

I am suggesting that we will can anticipate 20 members participating for this event.

I will advise MFC of the above on Tuesday for their input. It would be great if our friends from Moncton could set one or two systems.

Please invite the simmers from NSFS as well.”

For more information please contact Bev Penny bpenny10842@rogers.com


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